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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Rush, Rush, Rush

It's another one of those busy rants. I apologize for the recent rushing of blog posts as I have been on vacation and have been spending as much time as I can with family and friends.

I have gotten to share samples of Diet Bach Tea with several folks from many places over the course of my vacation, and I can only hope that my giving them the link to this blog will lead them to begin their own journey of sorts with Feel Bach. The smiles that broadened across their many faces as they took deep sniffs of dry tea and listened to me intently will forever be a source of my own happiness, a memory that will never leave me. I was able to educate several of those smiles, teaching them about ingredients, the benefits of homeopathic remedies, and of Feel Bach in general. It is rewarding to pass on such positivity and to see the light "flip on" in peoples' eyes when they hear just how much my body and mind have changed from drinking some tasty tea three times a day. It is as if I am planting seeds of hope wherever I go with solely the truth, and I love it.

As wonderful as it was to be seeing lots of new faces and hanging around my family, I must mention that vacation is officially over. Today was the day I was introduced to my new hotel home, a Super 8 in Maryland.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

New Clothes

So, another touchy subject for me has come up. Clothes. Does anyone of average weight really know the struggle that overweight people go through in order to find clothes that fit well? I'm not sure, but I am sure of one thing: finding clothes for myself is an ordeal.

It's like, magically when you hit size 20, the only prints available are balloons and puppies. I mean, occasionally Tinker Bell will find her way onto a shirt or two, but the point is that the vast majority of bigger clothes are just plain UGLY! Go ahead, tell me big girls want to wear "grandma's couch" print. I promise you that gaining weight does not just rip fashion taste from a person.

That said, I found a place online to buy real clothes for large women that are spunky, cute, and stylish. Ashley Stewart is a website that allows overweight ladies to buy fashionable clothing from sizes 12 to 34/36. I've got a few new outfits that fit now, and I can only hope I will be buying smaller and smaller clothes as my journey with Feel Bach continues.

I hope that one day I will be too small to fit into Ashley Stewart's clothing line. For now, I just have to take things one day at a time, form realistic goals for myself, and stick with Diet Bach Tea. I believe in this product, and I believe in myself. I can do this.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

On the Go

My life lately has just been go, go, go. On Thursday, I went to Mineral City to attend the Alive Festival with my boyfriend's mom. It was a loooong day. Totally fun and worth the struggles I had as an overweight person.

My day began at 5am, I packed the cooler with lots of water and a full bag of bought ice. I made tea for the day and poured it all in a Yeti. I packed a backpack for the full day outside coming ahead. 4 hour drive there, a 13 hour span at the festival, and another 4 hour drive back.

I wore one of my security blankets, i.e. a crewneck sweatshirt, and a pair of leggings. I learned two things that day: it gets too hot in the summer for me, and fat girls have no business wearing spandex when they will be sweating. My leggings were so uncomfortable once they got wet; in fact, I still have friction burns between my thighs. It wasn't until I spent that full day outside that I realized just how much my weight holds me back and inconveniences me.

I just have to remind myself that Diet Bach Tea is the solution to my problems. Sticking with this tea will save me and make my daily life so much easier. That said, I am happy to reveal that I am weighing in at 289.8lbs as of this morning.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Midmorning Thoughts

Loose leaf tea spills over the edges of my spoon as I scoop it out of the bag. I take a sniff of the heaping spoonful before adding it to the metal mesh infuser. It still smells as sweet to me as it did the first time I opened a bag.

I am thoroughly surprised by this, though. It is written in the history of me that I go through phases when it comes to everything, but especially food and drink. For awhile, I would eat, say, only raspberries, cheese sandwiches, or steak. In a month, I would be over it and switch to some other small selection for the mext month or so.

With Diet Bach Tea, I find myself craving it even after my three servings and wanting it when I wake up. It's not so much the taste or the smell, but the effects on my mind and my body which are unbelievable. While the sweet flavor muted with pepper is a pleasant one and I enjoy the act of drinking and tasting the tea itself, the way it alters my human chemistry is some kind of miracle.

Sunday, July 16, 2017


I am feeling SO good today, like wow!! I made some tea, I showered. Nothing out of the ordinary, but, man, I feel like someone lit a fire under me today. I feel strong and ornery. I feel open and clear. I simply feel amazing.

It's a different frame of mind for me entirely. I woke up feeling great, I am maintaining high energy even after physical activities, my mind is the epitome of clarity. I could conquer the world! My world, anyway.

Speaking of which, I have lots to do today, so I am thankful for the way I feel. Diet Bach Tea is some kind of miracle blend, and I am loving the effects it has on my body and on my mind. From the start of this blog to now, my life has done a complete 180. Paired with Dr. Bach's Feel 5ive drops, Diet Bach Tea is a force to be reckoned with.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Full Day

"A cup of tea would restore my normality."
-Douglas Adams

     Today, I am having a busy/fun day with my significant other and his momma. My tea is helping me to keep up and go along with everything that is planned despite my body feeling horrible. First, we went to pick up Jesus Phreak Blues business cards. That's my almost-mother-in-law's band. Next, we hit Kroger and wandered around for sushi and Ramune. Then after communion, we went to Pat Catan's, and we stocked up on beads and hemp for our mutual hobby. And currently, we three are in the cherry red PT Cruiser on our way to Cre8 Salon so that my boyfriend can get his bushy beard groomed. In between now and the appointment, I imagine we will hit the thrift store in search of new-to-us outfits at low prices.

     As I mentioned, I feel terrible. My stomach is twisting and turning as if I were storing a roll of barbed wire in it. The only thing that helped was Diet Bach Tea. I sipped down my first of three servings today before we left, and because of that I have been keeping up with my family for this outing with a smile on my face. It is a positive mental feeling to be out and about with the people I love most, and I am thankful that Dr. Bach's tea is making my full day possible.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Vacation Phase II

     The second phase of vacation starts today. We have gone from my family's house to my significant other's family home. Here, though, instead of family, we like to say "fambly", because sometimes those not related by blood are the closest and best of friends.

     The city is gone now along with my kin, and my view has become an elegant but simple countryside adorned with the most fabulous cows and horses. My boyfriend's mother keeps the outside of their farm up, planting an abundance of flowers and food. There are so many plants currently that swarms of bumblebees zip around every which way, and the buzzing sounds they make added to the other nearby animal noises turn into nature's  symphony, blasting in my ears at an impressive volume.

     Added to the joyful noises around the place, all the free growing foliage is a beautiful sight to behold. Sunflowers grow at random near the outside of the house from the dry sunflower heads that were chucked off the porch last Fall. Tomato plants wind around anything in their way, staying close to the ground and in the shade. Bright flowers litter the place, adding pops of brilliant color here and there to break up all the green. It is peaceful here, and I am loving it already.
     It will surely be a serene end to our vacation, watching the chickens pluck bugs from the tall, rich grass, resting without concern outside on the front mat with a pack of the sweetest farm dogs cuddled up close, sipping Diet Bach Tea on the back porch while watching the sun rise in a watercolor country sky. Ah, comfort at last.

Thursday, July 6, 2017


     So, Maryland. What is it like in Maryland? Are the people nice there? When I think Maryland, I think wind turbines standing tall in the mountains, long but winding roads with spaced trees on either side. The occasional clearing in the thin forests would let you peep into farmers' lives, the lot of them harvesting power rather than produce in an environmentally clean way. You see, I have ridden through Maryland as a passenger in my car. Only a couple towns, only a short way, but the breathtakingly simple landscapes will hold in my mind for the rest of time. All I have seen of the state leads me to believe the place we are moving may be magical.

     I speak of this one-time, two hour view elegantly, as if I weren't yucking it up in the front seat with headphones in, singing music that was lost in the 90's out loudly the whole time. That's just me, though.

    As I was reminiscing at the start, the land I saw while my boyfriend was driving through Maryland in 2015 was beautiful. Unfortunately, I know that states can have drastically different areas. I am crossing my fingers, hoping, and praying that I am put in a decent city that suits me. I personally prefer small cities with down home rural areas, but I also need this town to have hotel buildings relatively close to work locations.

   On a completely unrelated note, while I am making this extra post for the week, I would like to share with you the wonderful things I have learned about a couple of the ingredients that make up Diet Bach Tea. Dr. Bach's Cherry Plum is a British species of plum trees that are one of the first plants to flower in the Summer. The cherry plum, unlike most other fruits, contains only small amounts of sugar. What they lack in sugar, they make up for in vitamins A, B, PP, and E along with minerals including calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, and iron. In medicine, cherry plum trees are harvested of their fruits and flowers to aid the kidneys and liver, as well as the reproductive system in men. Dr. Bach's Chicory is a woody plant in the dandelion family. I actually learned about this medicinal plant from my almost mother in law who often teaches me things about my natural surroundings. This plant has the ability to prevent heartburn, ease digestive issues, detox the organs, boost the immune system, help in the body's fight against bacterial infections, and reduce the likelihood of heart trouble. Chicory is also noted to be an organic sedative. It is most commonly found on roadsides in Europe and is frequently ground into a powder to be used as a coffee substitute.

    This has been a short lesson with Ms. Hope. I thought it to be an interesting topic to bring to the attention of readers. Feel Bach packages the most natural and beneficial ingredients conveniently into sealed packages for the public, and most of the people making up the public have no idea what a heroic service the company is doing because they are left uneducated on the subject of plants and their medicinal properties.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July the 4th

    My day went extraordinarily well. Strange, though, considering I am still with my family. Usually, we would have argued by now. For some reason, everyone has been getting along beautifully, and I suppose I shouldn't question the positive time. My grandmother, aka ex sworn enemy, and I went out and got our nails done together. Her smile was worth more to me than gold, and I felt some measure happier by being comfortable talking to her, carrying conversation even.

     My dad and I enjoyed our evening tonight watching the old Pumpkin Festival park area put off an elaborate firework show near enough to the house that we sat out in the driveway with folding lawn chairs.

     My grandpa, who I do not get along with at all, even bonded with me a little over Diet Bach Tea. I've always disliked him more than other family members for lots of reasons, the biggest being that he always commented on how heavy I am. It was disheartening and offended me deeply most of my adolescent years, leading me to be even more closed off. When I came in for this visit, though, carting my bag of tea related items, he asked to know what it was. I let him read the bag, and he told me he was proud that I was doing something to lose weight. It is shallow of him, but still our best interaction in my adult life.

   Overall, things are going swimmingly, but I am ready to move. Heh, can't wait to see where work takes us next.

Saturday, July 1, 2017


    I had a big day today, seeing my little sister for the first time since Christmas. Instead of sitting dully on the couch while she played around me, I romped in the floor with her and had more fun than I had in a long time. It is so rewarding to make a child belly laugh at what you've made a doll say or the dance you've made a stuffed teddy do.

    Without Diet Bach Tea, there's no way I would have ever been able to keep a 6 year old entertained for hours. It was a great experience that I look forward to repeating again soon. I hope that my ex step mother can bring her down again before my significant other and I are called to another job.

      I'm busy making memories that I'll keep instead of hiding in the corner or not coming out of my room. It's a new feeling for me, but I can already tell that I enjoy it. All thanks to Feel Bach ♡

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