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Friday, May 26, 2017

Bach on Track

                      I am impressed. The unpleasant feelings didn't stick to me like ink to silly putty this go around. Granted, my sleeping schedule isn't quite right anymore. Other than that though, I feel relatively content. This tea honestly works wonders for me, it does. For at least ten of my twenty years on this planet, nothing I could do would fend off negative vibes or off feeling days, and once I had a down day, it would inevitably last the span of a fortnight. Or longer. Often full months of depression funk.

                     You're thinking, 'Of course she is giving the tea credit, she's got to for this blog.'

                     No. There is literally nothing else that could take the credit for my mood, or rather, the changes in it. I haven't changed any other thing in my lifestyle. The one and only different thing I have been doing is drinking Diet Bach Tea three times daily.

                      ALSO, big news, big news! I weighed myself this morning and I am officially under 300lbs today. Not by much, but any weight gone is wonderful news to me. 297.3 on the scale before my morning tea today.

                      I am not exactly sure how I lost the weight aside from drinking tea because I haven't changed my eating habits or my activity level. In any case, I am excited that such positive results are coming of all this, and I am so appreciative of Feel Bach and the staff that gave me this opportunity.

                      It has still only been a short time sampling the tea, but as I have mentioned before, if this is just the beginning, I am in for a treat.

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