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Monday, May 22, 2017

Short, Eerie, and to the Point

         Honestly, I cannot find many words to incorporate today, forgive me. It's already an off type of day with that overcast feeling--no, not with the weather--but with me. I feel dreary and not-so-cheery. My morning tea will surely make me feel some bit better. I am hoping that anyway.

         It has been said that time is like an ocean; but I sometimes find myself pondering, wondering why my time is so much like a hurricane followed by an eerie nothingness. The eerie nothingness is creeping its way in now. On a usual day, like before I started to blog, I would remedy this with, say, a fourteen hour nap. Sometimes less, sometimes more. I have been known to take sixteen to eighteen hour depression naps to either waste away an off day or avoid human contact altogether.

         But today, I am relying on the Diet Bach Tea to bring me to some sort of functioning state. One where I might at least stay awake until the postman comes to bring me reading material.

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