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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Feeling Positive

     Mm, I have become accustomed to the smell of tea brewing in the mornings. Each day it is a small bit different depending on the contents of my daily scoop. Extra flowers, no flowers.. Whatever the case may be, the scent spilling out of my kitchen is always a nice one. It's actually grown to be comforting for me because it smells like my childhood. Long walks in nature, learning about plants outside with my momma, riding in the car with my dad on his paper route, the windows down.

   Positivity and energy has kept me away from my computer lately. I have been deep cleaning my living space and organizing my personal property. It is so freeing to let go of material items, and it is so rewarding to donate to those in need. Diet Bach Tea has revved up my energy level, and I am getting all kinds of things done that I have put off for months. The sense of accomplishment is overwhelming, and I have tea to thank.

   As for my weight, I seem to have stayed the same from then to now. In any case, being under 300 is a huge goal for me in itself. I have been more than 300 pounds since high school. If I keep up this level of activity, which is unusual for me, the pounds will surely shed.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Bach on Track

                      I am impressed. The unpleasant feelings didn't stick to me like ink to silly putty this go around. Granted, my sleeping schedule isn't quite right anymore. Other than that though, I feel relatively content. This tea honestly works wonders for me, it does. For at least ten of my twenty years on this planet, nothing I could do would fend off negative vibes or off feeling days, and once I had a down day, it would inevitably last the span of a fortnight. Or longer. Often full months of depression funk.

                     You're thinking, 'Of course she is giving the tea credit, she's got to for this blog.'

                     No. There is literally nothing else that could take the credit for my mood, or rather, the changes in it. I haven't changed any other thing in my lifestyle. The one and only different thing I have been doing is drinking Diet Bach Tea three times daily.

                      ALSO, big news, big news! I weighed myself this morning and I am officially under 300lbs today. Not by much, but any weight gone is wonderful news to me. 297.3 on the scale before my morning tea today.

                      I am not exactly sure how I lost the weight aside from drinking tea because I haven't changed my eating habits or my activity level. In any case, I am excited that such positive results are coming of all this, and I am so appreciative of Feel Bach and the staff that gave me this opportunity.

                      It has still only been a short time sampling the tea, but as I have mentioned before, if this is just the beginning, I am in for a treat.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Short, Eerie, and to the Point

         Honestly, I cannot find many words to incorporate today, forgive me. It's already an off type of day with that overcast feeling--no, not with the weather--but with me. I feel dreary and not-so-cheery. My morning tea will surely make me feel some bit better. I am hoping that anyway.

         It has been said that time is like an ocean; but I sometimes find myself pondering, wondering why my time is so much like a hurricane followed by an eerie nothingness. The eerie nothingness is creeping its way in now. On a usual day, like before I started to blog, I would remedy this with, say, a fourteen hour nap. Sometimes less, sometimes more. I have been known to take sixteen to eighteen hour depression naps to either waste away an off day or avoid human contact altogether.

         But today, I am relying on the Diet Bach Tea to bring me to some sort of functioning state. One where I might at least stay awake until the postman comes to bring me reading material.

Saturday, May 20, 2017


"Come, let us have some tea and
continue to talk about happy things."
-Chaim Potok

                       My head space in these short days of drinking Diet Bach Tea feels abundantly and crystal clear. When I rise, a smile broadens across my face, and I walk immediately to the kitchen to brew my daily measure of tea. Today, unlike many, many days from my past, I can say truthfully that I feel bright, cheerful even. Curling up on my couch with a hot mug of tea has never seemed more appealing to me than it has the last couple of days. 

                      It's almost as if this tea is a miracle reset button on my mood. In the past, I never woke up with a grin---never. Rarely would I have considered myself to be lively or joyous, at least not for prolonged bulks of time. A couple hours, maybe. And that was only when I was near a crowd of people or when a huge event was taking place.

                      But now I am alone. And I am happy. I am by myself for long stretches of the days, every day save for Sundays. 5am until 6, 7, 8pm. That used to be something I'd say with my eyes to the floor in the most depressing, somber tone one could imagine. Since I've been drinking Diet Bach Tea three times daily, though, my alone time has been much more than bearable. I've even felt more like doing things. Like vacuuming my apartment and finally dusting the shelves. I even organized my food pantry yesterday, something I would never have cared about the state of before. 

                     This tea has already helped me in ways I would have never imagined in my wildest daydreams. 

"Tea can do that?!"

 I am here to say, "Yes, it can."

                     If these results are only the very, very beginning, the tip of the iceberg, I am beyond excited to see what else will come of drinking it. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Day 1

               Today is the first day of the rest of my life. As I type, tea is brewing on the stove. Already, I can smell a pleasant floral scent with peppery undertones. Currently, I feel groggy and a bit tired, considering I only woke up a short while ago. It's 7:51am where I live. I am also wondering what the Diet Bach Tea tastes like, because if it tastes even a little like it smells----I'm in! 

               I've got my mug beside me; it contains around 6oz of Diet Bach Tea and a modest amount of Bach's Feel Five drops. My entire apartment is perfumed by the sweet-smelling brew that is reminiscent of a walk I took when I was a child. A bright Spring morning much like this one, nearly 10 years ago, I was walking a tourist trail at Natural Bridge in Slade, Kentucky. The edges of the walkways were littered with flowers and other foliage that grew at its own will, randomly strewn as nature intended. It's crazy how something as seemingly insignificant as a scent can take a person back in their memories and light them up so vividly; I hadn't thought of that trail in years.

               Oh, it's lovely. My first sip of Diet Bach Tea, and I don't think I ever want to wake up without it again. It has a distinctly natural taste, which is quite pleasant. While the floral scents come out during brewing, when it comes to taste, I think the crisp, peppery flavor is most prominent. That said, the tea isn't really too spiced. It is a quaint combination that I would have never expected from just reading the ingredients. 

               It's almost as if my palette finds something new to appreciate with each sip. I am really enjoying the hints of lemon grass and ginger. Overall, I am more than pleased with the product, and I encourage any of you who aren't too sure about liking the tea to give it a fair chance. The flavor of the tea surprised and impressed me. I truly look forward to drinking it every day now that I have emptied my first mug.


Friday, May 12, 2017

Welcome and Introduction

Hello All!

Today, I would like to set the tone of this next year and share with the public a small amount of information pertaining to myself and my life. All relevant, I promise.

I am Hope. I am 300lbs.

I am twenty years old, and life up to this point has been quite a lot of chaos, disappointment, and grief. It was not until recently that I came across this wonderful company known as Bach. I found a floral essence at my local GNC called Rescue Remedy that claimed to rid people of stress, anxiety, fear, and other emotions along those lines. At first, I was skeptical.

But then I gave the drops a try, and sure enough, in LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES, I was feeling comfortable and relieved. I was beyond amazed and oh so thankful I had stumbled across the floral essence. So much so, I felt an overwhelming need to contact the people who were able to soothe my pain and worry with an affordable and easily obtainable product to thank them from the bottom of my heart. I absolutely HAD to let them know how effective their homeopathic remedy was and how much I appreciated what the vial of drops could do to my head space.

Next spawned the Diet Bach Tea Blog. In my initial email to Bach, I explained my weight and how much it negatively impacted the way I view myself. Right away, I was given this gift; the opportunity to sample their diet tea for the next year and blog twice or three times weekly about the results.

That brings me to the present. Currently, I am awaiting a company package containing my tea. As soon as it is received, I will swiftly begin my journey and share it with all of you. Please never hesitate to ask questions or to leave comments. I will answer each one to the best of my ability.

Thank you for reading. Hope to have your support this next year.

Feel Bach

-Ms. Hope

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