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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Day 1

               Today is the first day of the rest of my life. As I type, tea is brewing on the stove. Already, I can smell a pleasant floral scent with peppery undertones. Currently, I feel groggy and a bit tired, considering I only woke up a short while ago. It's 7:51am where I live. I am also wondering what the Diet Bach Tea tastes like, because if it tastes even a little like it smells----I'm in! 

               I've got my mug beside me; it contains around 6oz of Diet Bach Tea and a modest amount of Bach's Feel Five drops. My entire apartment is perfumed by the sweet-smelling brew that is reminiscent of a walk I took when I was a child. A bright Spring morning much like this one, nearly 10 years ago, I was walking a tourist trail at Natural Bridge in Slade, Kentucky. The edges of the walkways were littered with flowers and other foliage that grew at its own will, randomly strewn as nature intended. It's crazy how something as seemingly insignificant as a scent can take a person back in their memories and light them up so vividly; I hadn't thought of that trail in years.

               Oh, it's lovely. My first sip of Diet Bach Tea, and I don't think I ever want to wake up without it again. It has a distinctly natural taste, which is quite pleasant. While the floral scents come out during brewing, when it comes to taste, I think the crisp, peppery flavor is most prominent. That said, the tea isn't really too spiced. It is a quaint combination that I would have never expected from just reading the ingredients. 

               It's almost as if my palette finds something new to appreciate with each sip. I am really enjoying the hints of lemon grass and ginger. Overall, I am more than pleased with the product, and I encourage any of you who aren't too sure about liking the tea to give it a fair chance. The flavor of the tea surprised and impressed me. I truly look forward to drinking it every day now that I have emptied my first mug.


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