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Thursday, July 6, 2017


     So, Maryland. What is it like in Maryland? Are the people nice there? When I think Maryland, I think wind turbines standing tall in the mountains, long but winding roads with spaced trees on either side. The occasional clearing in the thin forests would let you peep into farmers' lives, the lot of them harvesting power rather than produce in an environmentally clean way. You see, I have ridden through Maryland as a passenger in my car. Only a couple towns, only a short way, but the breathtakingly simple landscapes will hold in my mind for the rest of time. All I have seen of the state leads me to believe the place we are moving may be magical.

     I speak of this one-time, two hour view elegantly, as if I weren't yucking it up in the front seat with headphones in, singing music that was lost in the 90's out loudly the whole time. That's just me, though.

    As I was reminiscing at the start, the land I saw while my boyfriend was driving through Maryland in 2015 was beautiful. Unfortunately, I know that states can have drastically different areas. I am crossing my fingers, hoping, and praying that I am put in a decent city that suits me. I personally prefer small cities with down home rural areas, but I also need this town to have hotel buildings relatively close to work locations.

   On a completely unrelated note, while I am making this extra post for the week, I would like to share with you the wonderful things I have learned about a couple of the ingredients that make up Diet Bach Tea. Dr. Bach's Cherry Plum is a British species of plum trees that are one of the first plants to flower in the Summer. The cherry plum, unlike most other fruits, contains only small amounts of sugar. What they lack in sugar, they make up for in vitamins A, B, PP, and E along with minerals including calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, and iron. In medicine, cherry plum trees are harvested of their fruits and flowers to aid the kidneys and liver, as well as the reproductive system in men. Dr. Bach's Chicory is a woody plant in the dandelion family. I actually learned about this medicinal plant from my almost mother in law who often teaches me things about my natural surroundings. This plant has the ability to prevent heartburn, ease digestive issues, detox the organs, boost the immune system, help in the body's fight against bacterial infections, and reduce the likelihood of heart trouble. Chicory is also noted to be an organic sedative. It is most commonly found on roadsides in Europe and is frequently ground into a powder to be used as a coffee substitute.

    This has been a short lesson with Ms. Hope. I thought it to be an interesting topic to bring to the attention of readers. Feel Bach packages the most natural and beneficial ingredients conveniently into sealed packages for the public, and most of the people making up the public have no idea what a heroic service the company is doing because they are left uneducated on the subject of plants and their medicinal properties.

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