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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Vacation Phase II

     The second phase of vacation starts today. We have gone from my family's house to my significant other's family home. Here, though, instead of family, we like to say "fambly", because sometimes those not related by blood are the closest and best of friends.

     The city is gone now along with my kin, and my view has become an elegant but simple countryside adorned with the most fabulous cows and horses. My boyfriend's mother keeps the outside of their farm up, planting an abundance of flowers and food. There are so many plants currently that swarms of bumblebees zip around every which way, and the buzzing sounds they make added to the other nearby animal noises turn into nature's  symphony, blasting in my ears at an impressive volume.

     Added to the joyful noises around the place, all the free growing foliage is a beautiful sight to behold. Sunflowers grow at random near the outside of the house from the dry sunflower heads that were chucked off the porch last Fall. Tomato plants wind around anything in their way, staying close to the ground and in the shade. Bright flowers litter the place, adding pops of brilliant color here and there to break up all the green. It is peaceful here, and I am loving it already.
     It will surely be a serene end to our vacation, watching the chickens pluck bugs from the tall, rich grass, resting without concern outside on the front mat with a pack of the sweetest farm dogs cuddled up close, sipping Diet Bach Tea on the back porch while watching the sun rise in a watercolor country sky. Ah, comfort at last.

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