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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Moving & Thanksgiving

So, moving has been quite interesting as we went two other places before finally settling into Ohio on Wednesday morning this week. Though we just got our things moved and set up in the hotel room, that same night we got into the car and drove all the way to West Virginia to make a Thanksgiving appearance at my childhood home. After spending the holiday with friends and loved ones, we drove back and are just now getting comfortable in our room.

Without my tea, I don't think I'd have survived any of this. The extra energy I get when I drink Diet Bach Tea is such a wonderful bonus. It is much better than any energy drink because it doesn't come with a cloudy period or a crash of any kind. With a mug in hand, I was able to power through several moves.

First, we went from Maryland to South Dakota. I was a bit bummed out at that point since I thought we were just going to be stuck there instead of in Ohio as promised. We stayed in a La Quinta, but the pool area was closed, so there was little to do. From South Dakota, we moved to Texas. There, I had a mini meltdown that I can't really explain. I see now that it was completely irrational, but in the moment I felt justified in yelling and crying. We had to stay in a place called Relax Inn. It was a motel rather than a hotel, meaning the room door was straight to the outside. That was strike one. When we stepped in, it absolutely reeked of cigarette smoke, the walls weeped tar that had to be decades old, there were burn holes in the comforter and on the carpet. That was strike two. I sighed heavily and went in anyway, needing to use the restroom. When I closed the door behind myself, the corner was filthy, like they had mopped without closing the door to the bathroom for years. Strike three, I immediately burst into tears and scream out like a banshee that I can't live there. I had a fit for nearly half an hour before I calmed down. It had been years since I experienced a tantrum like that one, and luckily I got over myself. Finally, we were able to mob to the new site in Ohio, much nearer to family.

Because our new location was so close to home, we decided to visit for the holiday despite my significant other not getting a week of vacation like he had been given last year and the year before. Shortly after unpacking our things into our new room, we trudged back to the car and were West Virginia bound. Thanksgiving was spent with my side of the family and things went well. Dinner was prepared by my grandmother, and it was amazing as always. Once we had eaten a bit of everything, we got back into the car and returned to the current job location.

Life has been so very busy lately, but I am grateful to be breathing.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Weigh In, Move Out

It is my pleasure to inform everyone that we are moving once again! I feel like weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I suppose that is both figurative and literal because I have even better news than that! I am closer now to my goal, weighing in today at 267.6 lbs! I've lost more than ten pounds since I last weighed myself.

I can really feel it in my clothes now, and wow, I cannot even say how much easier it is to get things done. I promise I never realized just how strained I was before doing very simple, every day activities. This move is already going much more smoothly than any other because I am moving faster now that I have lost so much weight. Getting our belongings packed and cleaning after myself is less stressful on my mind and on my body. My knees don't ache after walking around all day, I no longer feel lethargic after being active, my heart doesn't thump out of my chest like it used to--there are many, many benefits to shedding the pounds.

I am so grateful that I stumbled across Feel Bach and that I was given such a wonderful opportunity to sample Diet Bach Tea. The results thus far are phenomenal, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Autumn is Here

Autumn is definitely my favorite season. Especially in November because it's getting colder and colder.

It feels so nice to grab a hot mug of tea and walk around outside when it's 35 degrees. The trees are gorgeous, the ground feels stiff and crisp thanks to the morning frosts, and the steam billows off of my tea in thick clouds which make me smile.

The country hills wave a feeling of home over me as the warm hues of the leaves interrupted sporadically by deep green pine trees remind me how happy I can be, how happy I was when I lived here full time. The Mountain Currs race to greet my feet, obediently sitting down one by one with no gesture from me, just knowing what is the respectful thing to do. It's refreshing to be back where even the farm dogs are more polite to me than people are when I am out on the road.

In this peaceful atmosphere, I have only become more inspired to work hard in order to reach my goal. It's rough to think about going back to Maryland this coming Sunday. I will be leaving behind all that is keeping me positive. I am desperately counting on this trip being a boost for me, like recharging a battery, only recharging my happiness, so that I can go back to Maryland and enjoy myself despite that dreadful hotel room. It's best not to dwell in the future, so I digress. Instead of worrying about later, I am going to live in the present and make sure my last few days at home are packed with adventures and full of joy.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

A Wonderful Vacation at Home

I am so excited to be back home that my week long vacation has morphed into two. That's right, I get to be away from Maryland for another whole week! I have had such a great time so far, and many things have happened.

The best news is that I've found another motivating reason to lose weight. To work a job I have become extremely interested in requires that I am in good shape. With the help of Diet Bach Tea, I should meet my goal in no time. I am determined to better myself to work in my desired field.

The job I see myself having in the near future is basically hiking 10-15 hours a day, which is not something I would usually be interested in because I know my limitations. It finally clicked to me the other evening that I don't have to be so limited physically. With hard work and dedication, I can do anything. The only thing holding me back is me, and I have to meet my own expectations.

Being home is allowing me to eat quality food that is healthier for me as opposed to eating restaurant food three meals a day, every day when we stay in a hotel. I am able to make my tea on the stove once again rather than rigging coffee filter bags and making it in the hotel's coffee maker. Things are better all around.

Moving & Thanksgiving

So, moving has been quite interesting as we went two other places before finally settling into Ohio on Wednesday morning this week. Though w...