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Saturday, November 4, 2017

A Wonderful Vacation at Home

I am so excited to be back home that my week long vacation has morphed into two. That's right, I get to be away from Maryland for another whole week! I have had such a great time so far, and many things have happened.

The best news is that I've found another motivating reason to lose weight. To work a job I have become extremely interested in requires that I am in good shape. With the help of Diet Bach Tea, I should meet my goal in no time. I am determined to better myself to work in my desired field.

The job I see myself having in the near future is basically hiking 10-15 hours a day, which is not something I would usually be interested in because I know my limitations. It finally clicked to me the other evening that I don't have to be so limited physically. With hard work and dedication, I can do anything. The only thing holding me back is me, and I have to meet my own expectations.

Being home is allowing me to eat quality food that is healthier for me as opposed to eating restaurant food three meals a day, every day when we stay in a hotel. I am able to make my tea on the stove once again rather than rigging coffee filter bags and making it in the hotel's coffee maker. Things are better all around.

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