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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Mini Vacation

Tonight I get to leave Maryland for a week to visit with family, and I could not be more excited. We have so many fun Fall plans for the week including canning, carving pumpkins, picking the garden of Fall crops, and making apple cider. I am hoping that one night I can convince everyone to go bobbing for apples. I am just so at ease today aside from immense excitement.

It's insane how my mind switch flipped as soon as I was told I get to visit home, though I am not entirely sure which fact has made me the most happy; I get to go home and that means I am leaving this state! In any case, it calls for overboard celebration. I've half a mind to go get balloons and streamers for the car ride, maybe even some glitter confetti.

I am about to get everything all packed up and prep myself for the trip. Luckily, I have left myself enough time to get it all together and make my third serving of tea before we get on the road. It will serve me well as I have been freezing to death all day.

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