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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Mini Vacation

Tonight I get to leave Maryland for a week to visit with family, and I could not be more excited. We have so many fun Fall plans for the week including canning, carving pumpkins, picking the garden of Fall crops, and making apple cider. I am hoping that one night I can convince everyone to go bobbing for apples. I am just so at ease today aside from immense excitement.

It's insane how my mind switch flipped as soon as I was told I get to visit home, though I am not entirely sure which fact has made me the most happy; I get to go home and that means I am leaving this state! In any case, it calls for overboard celebration. I've half a mind to go get balloons and streamers for the car ride, maybe even some glitter confetti.

I am about to get everything all packed up and prep myself for the trip. Luckily, I have left myself enough time to get it all together and make my third serving of tea before we get on the road. It will serve me well as I have been freezing to death all day.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Not Much Going On

There isn't a whole lot going on in my life currently, just spending my days in the hotel room. Luckily, my significant other has Sundays off again. Sunday I actually got to go out somewhere, and it was surprisingly fun.

We had a baby shower for a co-worker's wife. She was 34 weeks Sunday. We all went to Bdubs and surprised her with gifts when she only thought we were meeting for lunch.

It feels nice to have a "work family" so to speak because when we are far from home, the people my significant other works with are the only people we know. For them, it's the same; they are very far from home and the work crew (and their wives/girlfriends) are the only familiar faces. We move all over in the same group of workers, and we have known this particular group for two, nearly three years.

Anyway, the family comes together for each other, and I think that is beautiful. I sat at the table during the baby shower and thought about exactly that. Watching the guys laugh and talk, the pregnant woman crying over gifts, the togetherness of people that were once total strangers who came from places all over the United States. It was like the whole place went quiet to me for a few minutes as I truly took in my surroundings. I will remember that day for years to come.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Agave Nectar

Today I don't have a whole bunch to say, but I would like to share something new I tried with my Diet Bach Tea. Up until this morning, I had always been drinking my tea plain with zero additives. While that was surprisingly delicious, I decided I would like to change it up.

Yesterday evening, I went to the Aldi market to see what kinds of organic produce they had and I found myself walking all the aisles. I saw this bottle of organic agave nectar and decided that for the small price it read, I would buy it to try. I added one teaspoon to my tea, and wow, oh, wow what a difference! Not even that it was better, it just changed the entire experience completely. The peppery tones were muted and my tea tasted much more like flowers, which I appreciated.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fantastic News

I got the best news the other day! If everything goes well, the latest we will be in Maryland is Thanksgiving. I cannot wait to move onto somewhere new. This place has just sucked all the life from me and taken away a chunk of my personality.

Staying in one dull room most of my days has been the worst existence. Even before when we lived in other hotels, there were things to do like swimming or working out. This place has absolutely nothing available to its guests. I have been doing my best to find happiness in this place despite it all.

After I got over my depressed spell there a couple weeks ago, things have been looking up, and I have been feeling a bit better. That said, the greatest news will be the day my boyfriend says we have to pack up. I am so beyond ready to live in a new place.

Maryland has shown me several good people and some beautiful land with early Autumn trees and little creatures scurrying around, but the hotels and motels for miles around are woefully disgusting. We live in the best one around and it is still full of degenerates and dust. It is one of those places that has bad fortune written in its walls and a dingy, run down feel that lingers with you even when you get to leave the property. The place is inherently sad, and if I am not mistaken, I was told it has been standing for more than 30 years with no remodeling.

If I can just make it until Thanksgiving, I can move on, leave this place in my past, and feel better in general.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Feeling the Progress

I am feeling much better than I have the last month or so, and today, I especially feel the progress I have made with the help of Feel Bach. Every day activities are getting easier and easier. I didn't realize before how much I was struggling to do the simplest things like bending over, showering, driving...etc. It is a relief to me knowing that Diet Bach Tea has gotten me down to a more manageable weight.

I could drink their tea for the rest of my life happily, and plan to keep up with it even after this year long blogging journey. At first, I was a small bit skeptical, but the results came zooming in, I mean within the initial week. And though I have been down here and there, my episodes have not lasted nearly as long as they would have before this whole thing started. Before I started drinking Diet Bach Tea three times a day, I was mortified of wearing anything but giant, oversized sweaters and jeans. Now, I can comfortably go out in public wearing dresses or dressy tops, even lazy day outfits like yoga pants and tank tops that I once would have never been caught dead in. 

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