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Monday, October 2, 2017

Feeling the Progress

I am feeling much better than I have the last month or so, and today, I especially feel the progress I have made with the help of Feel Bach. Every day activities are getting easier and easier. I didn't realize before how much I was struggling to do the simplest things like bending over, showering, driving...etc. It is a relief to me knowing that Diet Bach Tea has gotten me down to a more manageable weight.

I could drink their tea for the rest of my life happily, and plan to keep up with it even after this year long blogging journey. At first, I was a small bit skeptical, but the results came zooming in, I mean within the initial week. And though I have been down here and there, my episodes have not lasted nearly as long as they would have before this whole thing started. Before I started drinking Diet Bach Tea three times a day, I was mortified of wearing anything but giant, oversized sweaters and jeans. Now, I can comfortably go out in public wearing dresses or dressy tops, even lazy day outfits like yoga pants and tank tops that I once would have never been caught dead in. 

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