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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fantastic News

I got the best news the other day! If everything goes well, the latest we will be in Maryland is Thanksgiving. I cannot wait to move onto somewhere new. This place has just sucked all the life from me and taken away a chunk of my personality.

Staying in one dull room most of my days has been the worst existence. Even before when we lived in other hotels, there were things to do like swimming or working out. This place has absolutely nothing available to its guests. I have been doing my best to find happiness in this place despite it all.

After I got over my depressed spell there a couple weeks ago, things have been looking up, and I have been feeling a bit better. That said, the greatest news will be the day my boyfriend says we have to pack up. I am so beyond ready to live in a new place.

Maryland has shown me several good people and some beautiful land with early Autumn trees and little creatures scurrying around, but the hotels and motels for miles around are woefully disgusting. We live in the best one around and it is still full of degenerates and dust. It is one of those places that has bad fortune written in its walls and a dingy, run down feel that lingers with you even when you get to leave the property. The place is inherently sad, and if I am not mistaken, I was told it has been standing for more than 30 years with no remodeling.

If I can just make it until Thanksgiving, I can move on, leave this place in my past, and feel better in general.

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