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Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Day Left in Paradise

     Today my only job is to relax. I've been given the orders by my sweetie, and I am not going to fight it. Small drops of heated water smelling heavily of chlorine dot my legs as children go against the posted rules, cannonballing into the deep end. Their laughter brings me joy and serenity, reminding me of when I was that child, the one breaking the rules etched on a pool sign for the sake of having a blast. I fondly recall belly flops, swan dives, and the silly faces that came before the loudest of cannonballs that dotted strangers' legs with pool water. My whole day has consisted of lounging by the spa area with tea in paper hotel cups at my side, and I am more than okay with that.

     I may do something crazy later like soaking my feet in what we call magic bath. Hot water, Epsom salt, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. The last few times I made up a tub of magic bath, I added peppermint essential oil to it, and it felt amazing. The wonderful mixture concocted by my almost mother in law and passed down to me has been so helpful, and doubles as medicine for many ailments I've been faced with in the past including bed bug bites, eczema, sore muscles, broken bones, and restlessness. Those are only a few of the things magic baths sooth for me, but the number one benefit of taking them is the calmness that seems to manifest itself as steam coming off the water. If a nice bath is not wild enough for me today, I may curl up in a heated hotel blanket and take a nap in the dark. The king size bed feels like such a guilty treat for a single person. To be able to spread out completely while laying in the middle of the mattress and still have beaucoups of room on either side is such a nice feeling. Oooh, or I might read a book on the lobby couch that sits closest to the faux fire place. The couches placed in hotels by corporate usually aren't very comfortable at all and are chosen solely based on their aesthetic appeal, but the couches and chairs at the Atrium are very cushy and inviting. The placement of one couch in particular causes it to call to me when I wander into the lobby to waste away some time, for it directly faces the LED screen that is constantly displaying realistic crackling flames.

     Before I go acting on all those relaxing plans, I am going to stroll into the Great Rivers restaurant to visit my friend and favorite waitress, Candy, for a small, refreshing lunch. I'm thinking I will order a bison slider and a tropical fruit bowl. Pineapple with papaya sounds absolutely delicious to me right about now. The food I get there is always decadent and beautifully plated, giving me the feeling of dining at a five star eatery though their prices are more than reasonable.

     That's all for today, friends. Nothing exciting is going on for me this day. Tomorrow, however, will be chaotic and quite interesting. That's the day we go back to the apartment and pack up all our things. So, I'm going to relish in the time I've got to wind down and enjoy before the moving actually begins.

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