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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Surprise, Surprise

Well, the air conditioning was never fixed. So, instead of absolutely roasting and being miserable at the apartment, my boyfriend and I went to a hotel to spend the bulk of our last week in town before moving away from the area. I'm thankful for it because with my body type and heat together, I am an uncomfortable mess.

    Being here at the Atrium hotel, I am reunited with my friend Candy who works in the lobby restaurant called Great Rivers. I see her early in the mornings for breakfast and at the middle of the day for lunch. I am currently dining here at Great Rivers, sitting in the far back corner where I always did. We lived here the entire month of January at the start of this year, so everything feels homey and very comfortable. Plus, you know, air conditioning.

    Making tea here has been quite the ordeal. Normally, I would have my hot plate, but I totally forgot about needing it. I've got a pot with my tea bag in it... Yet, no stove. I've been ripping open coffee bags, the ones that are specifically designed to fit in hotel room bathroom one cup coffee makers, and dumping the coffee grounds then replacing them with Diet Bach Tea. I mean, it's working fine and tastes the same as when I make it on the stove. I just have to make it three separate times instead of making it all at once in the morning.

   The other luxury I left behind at our oven of an apartment was my laptop. Finally after stressing all day yesterday about it, I found and downloaded the blogger app and figured out the mobile version on my cell phone. It seems to be easier, but I much prefer typing from my laptop keyboard. We move around a lot anyway, so having the app will probably benefit me when we are on the road.

    Anyway, quick update while I have a free minute at lunch. I'm going to sign off now to spend some time with Candy and with my duck con fit.

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