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Saturday, September 23, 2017

New Workers

My days have slowly gotten better, and I am glad for that. I think it helps that a couple of the people that were once working at this hotel have been let go. They were quite negative themselves, and their absence has served me with joy.

The replacements that have come in are bright and cheerful, which I greatly appreciate. I am not sure if that is who they really are or if the kind will wear off with time considering this is a brand new job for them, but I won't bother myself with finding the answer. I am just enjoying their company.

Both of the new front desk people and the new housekeepers have listened to my story now, and I hope they find their way to Feel Bach, for I always brag on the diet tea. I, myself, am still suprised at my results, and everyone else seems to have big reactions when I chat with them. I am more motivated now than ever to keep the weight off, and I suppose that rubs off on others when I speak about my journey with such passion.

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