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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Weigh In, Move Out

It is my pleasure to inform everyone that we are moving once again! I feel like weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I suppose that is both figurative and literal because I have even better news than that! I am closer now to my goal, weighing in today at 267.6 lbs! I've lost more than ten pounds since I last weighed myself.

I can really feel it in my clothes now, and wow, I cannot even say how much easier it is to get things done. I promise I never realized just how strained I was before doing very simple, every day activities. This move is already going much more smoothly than any other because I am moving faster now that I have lost so much weight. Getting our belongings packed and cleaning after myself is less stressful on my mind and on my body. My knees don't ache after walking around all day, I no longer feel lethargic after being active, my heart doesn't thump out of my chest like it used to--there are many, many benefits to shedding the pounds.

I am so grateful that I stumbled across Feel Bach and that I was given such a wonderful opportunity to sample Diet Bach Tea. The results thus far are phenomenal, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me.

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