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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July the 4th

    My day went extraordinarily well. Strange, though, considering I am still with my family. Usually, we would have argued by now. For some reason, everyone has been getting along beautifully, and I suppose I shouldn't question the positive time. My grandmother, aka ex sworn enemy, and I went out and got our nails done together. Her smile was worth more to me than gold, and I felt some measure happier by being comfortable talking to her, carrying conversation even.

     My dad and I enjoyed our evening tonight watching the old Pumpkin Festival park area put off an elaborate firework show near enough to the house that we sat out in the driveway with folding lawn chairs.

     My grandpa, who I do not get along with at all, even bonded with me a little over Diet Bach Tea. I've always disliked him more than other family members for lots of reasons, the biggest being that he always commented on how heavy I am. It was disheartening and offended me deeply most of my adolescent years, leading me to be even more closed off. When I came in for this visit, though, carting my bag of tea related items, he asked to know what it was. I let him read the bag, and he told me he was proud that I was doing something to lose weight. It is shallow of him, but still our best interaction in my adult life.

   Overall, things are going swimmingly, but I am ready to move. Heh, can't wait to see where work takes us next.

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