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Saturday, July 1, 2017


    I had a big day today, seeing my little sister for the first time since Christmas. Instead of sitting dully on the couch while she played around me, I romped in the floor with her and had more fun than I had in a long time. It is so rewarding to make a child belly laugh at what you've made a doll say or the dance you've made a stuffed teddy do.

    Without Diet Bach Tea, there's no way I would have ever been able to keep a 6 year old entertained for hours. It was a great experience that I look forward to repeating again soon. I hope that my ex step mother can bring her down again before my significant other and I are called to another job.

      I'm busy making memories that I'll keep instead of hiding in the corner or not coming out of my room. It's a new feeling for me, but I can already tell that I enjoy it. All thanks to Feel Bach ♡

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