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Saturday, May 20, 2017


"Come, let us have some tea and
continue to talk about happy things."
-Chaim Potok

                       My head space in these short days of drinking Diet Bach Tea feels abundantly and crystal clear. When I rise, a smile broadens across my face, and I walk immediately to the kitchen to brew my daily measure of tea. Today, unlike many, many days from my past, I can say truthfully that I feel bright, cheerful even. Curling up on my couch with a hot mug of tea has never seemed more appealing to me than it has the last couple of days. 

                      It's almost as if this tea is a miracle reset button on my mood. In the past, I never woke up with a grin---never. Rarely would I have considered myself to be lively or joyous, at least not for prolonged bulks of time. A couple hours, maybe. And that was only when I was near a crowd of people or when a huge event was taking place.

                      But now I am alone. And I am happy. I am by myself for long stretches of the days, every day save for Sundays. 5am until 6, 7, 8pm. That used to be something I'd say with my eyes to the floor in the most depressing, somber tone one could imagine. Since I've been drinking Diet Bach Tea three times daily, though, my alone time has been much more than bearable. I've even felt more like doing things. Like vacuuming my apartment and finally dusting the shelves. I even organized my food pantry yesterday, something I would never have cared about the state of before. 

                     This tea has already helped me in ways I would have never imagined in my wildest daydreams. 

"Tea can do that?!"

 I am here to say, "Yes, it can."

                     If these results are only the very, very beginning, the tip of the iceberg, I am beyond excited to see what else will come of drinking it. 

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