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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Feeling Positive

     Mm, I have become accustomed to the smell of tea brewing in the mornings. Each day it is a small bit different depending on the contents of my daily scoop. Extra flowers, no flowers.. Whatever the case may be, the scent spilling out of my kitchen is always a nice one. It's actually grown to be comforting for me because it smells like my childhood. Long walks in nature, learning about plants outside with my momma, riding in the car with my dad on his paper route, the windows down.

   Positivity and energy has kept me away from my computer lately. I have been deep cleaning my living space and organizing my personal property. It is so freeing to let go of material items, and it is so rewarding to donate to those in need. Diet Bach Tea has revved up my energy level, and I am getting all kinds of things done that I have put off for months. The sense of accomplishment is overwhelming, and I have tea to thank.

   As for my weight, I seem to have stayed the same from then to now. In any case, being under 300 is a huge goal for me in itself. I have been more than 300 pounds since high school. If I keep up this level of activity, which is unusual for me, the pounds will surely shed.

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