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Sunday, July 23, 2017

On the Go

My life lately has just been go, go, go. On Thursday, I went to Mineral City to attend the Alive Festival with my boyfriend's mom. It was a loooong day. Totally fun and worth the struggles I had as an overweight person.

My day began at 5am, I packed the cooler with lots of water and a full bag of bought ice. I made tea for the day and poured it all in a Yeti. I packed a backpack for the full day outside coming ahead. 4 hour drive there, a 13 hour span at the festival, and another 4 hour drive back.

I wore one of my security blankets, i.e. a crewneck sweatshirt, and a pair of leggings. I learned two things that day: it gets too hot in the summer for me, and fat girls have no business wearing spandex when they will be sweating. My leggings were so uncomfortable once they got wet; in fact, I still have friction burns between my thighs. It wasn't until I spent that full day outside that I realized just how much my weight holds me back and inconveniences me.

I just have to remind myself that Diet Bach Tea is the solution to my problems. Sticking with this tea will save me and make my daily life so much easier. That said, I am happy to reveal that I am weighing in at 289.8lbs as of this morning.

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