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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Midmorning Thoughts

Loose leaf tea spills over the edges of my spoon as I scoop it out of the bag. I take a sniff of the heaping spoonful before adding it to the metal mesh infuser. It still smells as sweet to me as it did the first time I opened a bag.

I am thoroughly surprised by this, though. It is written in the history of me that I go through phases when it comes to everything, but especially food and drink. For awhile, I would eat, say, only raspberries, cheese sandwiches, or steak. In a month, I would be over it and switch to some other small selection for the mext month or so.

With Diet Bach Tea, I find myself craving it even after my three servings and wanting it when I wake up. It's not so much the taste or the smell, but the effects on my mind and my body which are unbelievable. While the sweet flavor muted with pepper is a pleasant one and I enjoy the act of drinking and tasting the tea itself, the way it alters my human chemistry is some kind of miracle.

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