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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Kettle a Day Keeps the Woes Away

     I woke up today in the worst mood, down and irritable. Low energy, low morale. For once since I started this blog, I didn't go for tea first thing. I moped around, moved from the bed to the couch to the bed, watched some episodes of this and that on Netflix and on YouTube. I fell in and out of sleep for the next while, trying desperately to wake up on a better note than I had initially. 

    Unfortunately, it didn't work out. Still down and uber grumpy, I finally trudged to the kitchen through a figurative ten inches of wet concrete. Put on some tea and forgot about it awhile. 

     'Oh no,' I thought, 'MY TEA!' Needless to say, I'd made some type of super batch my accident, the tea having the chance to infuse and simmer in for nearly an hour. When I saw it, I considered tossing it out and trying again, writing it off as a mistake. 

     I'm very glad I didn't. Instead of the usual light brown color with green undertones, it turned out a murky, near black type of army green. It looked strange in my mug, but the taste. Oh, it was concentrated delicacy. I enjoyed it very much, gulping instead of sipping. My second helping was cool by this time and I added four ice cubes. Changed again, in a good way. A bit more bitter I'd say, but the floral essences were stronger and more pleasant. 

     My mood hasn't completely turned a 180, but my energy level has sky rocketed compared to this morning. As I type, I am merely taking a break from chores. I've already washed all my dishes and my laundry, taken the garbage down to the dumpster, and wiped down all my window blinds. I am feeling up to much more, so I'm going to hop to it. Just wanted to pop in to tell everyone about the wonderful accident today. 

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