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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

My Apologies

     I do apologize for the time away from my computer recently. As I am sure everyone has experienced at least one time, the week or so before moving is especially hectic and scattered. For me, it's extra fun because of specific circumstances.

    My significant other and I have been in this area nearly a year. A record for us; the longest we have stayed in a given place since 2015. Since we have lived in this area, we have had to purchase a new vehicle due to complications with our last one. Unintentionally downsized, but I mean, c'mon.. It's green. I needed the green one. It's a Toyota Corolla, super tiny. On the same token, living somewhere semi-permanently calls for collecting new things, items that we would normally find in hotel rooms, where we often live because of how short our stays in new places usually are. Towels, storage containers, clothes hangers, dishes, tvs and other housekeeping supplies.

      The trick is going to be playing jenga with our possessions in this ever so small space. Everything the two of us own has to safely fit inside our car. No storage units, no rented trucks. We can't do that. In our lives, we could move somewhere and then move again the next day.

     That said, my job as of late has been to get rid of unnecessary things and to make plans, write lists, and reorganize things in the apartment so that leaving when the time comes will be quick and easy. Essentially, I have to plan the packing on paper before it's done so that my significant other has a map. Because he is never home during the daytime, he also never knows what is going on and definitely doesn't have the time to ask any questions. He just needs to know what to carry out and where it goes in the car.

      Most usually, when we are sure we are moving, we only have a day or so to make it somewhere else and set up our lives again. For example, we were once told on a Saturday when we were in West Virginia that we needed to be in Massachusetts for work on the following Monday. It was a 21 hour drive. Bosses expect great things from land surveyors, meaning land surveyors expect greater things from their partners. Generally, he works 12-15 hour days, giving him absolutely zero time to prep to do anything, muchless to move. Not only that, but it's not like he gets days off when it is time to go. Like my previous example for example (haha), he worked on the Saturday in WV before we picked up to move to MA and then he had to immediately step into work on that Monday. It's chaos.

    So, that's what's up with me. I am so glad that I have Diet Bach Tea on my side this go around. With the obstacles in my way, I am really benefitting from the extra push and motivation the tea is giving me to get things done. Never before have I had this much energy and positivity flowing through my person in the moving process.

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