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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Some Days a Diamond, Some Days a Rock.

I wish things would even out in my mind. I have been having some relatively good days scattered here and there, but the bad days are worse.

Fortunately, I have some stable things in my life. Karen will always be at front desk 7 o'clock sharp, tea will always be hot, and my little praying mantis friend will always come back to my windowsill. While these things seem quite trivial, I can assure you that as simple as they may be, these few things will keep me from going back off the deep end.

I feel as though I am coming around from this last depressive episode. I would apologize for my sad content, but everyone has their moments, myself included. What I am sorry for, however; is the long break I have taken between this blog and the last. Living in a hotel has its perks, really.

It also has its downfalls. Specifically, it gets very boring. So painfully boring that there is little to be told. 'Oh hey, guys, I drank some tea today and the time in between was spent in a single room inside a dingy, run-of-the-mill hotel.'? It just didn't strike me as the sort of thing worth noting.

What is worth noting is this: I am 280.3 pounds! Another almost ten pounds gone. I am moving around much better than I was at the start. Even basic things like using the bathroom and putting on socks have become easier. I never really noticed I struggled with these things until I didn't.. If that makes sense? In any case, I am seeing results. All thanks to Diet Bach Tea.

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