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Saturday, August 5, 2017


This day has been much like a run on sentence. Quite busy, but having no cohesive purpose.

I woke up this morning with no sense of drive, no energy. I even felt sort of down in a way, in a slump one could say. Unfortunately, I feel that my murky feelings stem from the place I now live. Though, it only makes sense that a person's environment heavily influences their mindset.

Once I fully woke up and made some tea in the single serve coffee pot, I felt a small bit better. I am thankful I did perk up a little because then my to-do list smacked me upside my head like an angry mother.

Unpack the car.
Pack belongings into the room.
Grocery shop.
Phone calls home.
Find a doctor.
Make an appointment.
Manage finances.
Work out a monthly budget.
Book the room another week.

While this list may seem full of every day tasks that anyone could easily accomplish, to me it seems like the sky is falling. It is still so new to me to have real responsibilities of any magnitude. I feel clumsy as an adult at only twenty years old, especially when I am completely alone.

With the boost from Diet Bach Tea today, I was able to push through my foul mood and get all the things on my list knocked out. I should feel better, I think, but I still have this "blah" kind of cloud around my mind. It's like nothing I've done is really fitting together into any sort of decent day for me.

There is always tomorrow.

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